SOLD OUT Nourish and Renew YOU!

Nourish and Renew YOU!
Return to Self’ programming has returned at Misty Acres! Join us for our first event of 2023, Nourish and Renew YOU! An afternoon of Balance, Harmony and Renewal. Get a jump start on the new year by investing in you!

Balance with Adaptogens!
Presented by Shannon Vitale of S.Vitale Health and Wellness

Nourish YOU with balancing & replenishing adaptogens for immunity, energy and longevity!
Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years across the globe to create balance and proper function within the body. They give your body the tools to respond and recover from stress and aging, they boost your immunity and help create sustained energy.

Discover the amazing power of adaptogens as we explore:

  • what adaptogens are;
  • why they work; and
  • how they nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Through the lens of 3 categories, Defend, Restore & Perform, we will look at specific adaptogens, what they are most known for helping support, how to use them and where to find them.

Harmonize and Balance through Tuning
Presented by Debbie Jones of The Ideal Method

Enjoy a relaxing small group Biofield Tuning session to release stress and allow the body to relax. Biofield Tuning is a unique sound therapy method that provides targeted nervous system relaxation which can alleviate a wide range of health issues. It resolves distortion in your electromagnetic field, leaving you feeling calm, clear and free of stress. Tuning takes the noise out of the signal, so that you are less influenced by past events and their impact. The shift in the field allows for profound and often lasting change in the body and mind.

Renew and Be Present with the Herd
Presented by Karen Priemer of Misty Acres
Horses have a natural ability to just “ Be”.  Join our amazing herd in the arena as they help us to develop and renew our own positive loving energy, empathy, authenticity/genuineness, and our ability to be truly present in the moment. Spending this quiet time with the herd will increase awareness around this unique trait. Presence is the best gift you can give yourself and all those you love.

Program limited to 10 people to ensure a personalized experience
Investment: $160
Program includes light snacks and delicious soups
Held at the private
Misty Acres of Bath
1683 N. Hametown Rd.
Bath, Ohio

0, January 28, 2023
10:00 am — 2:00 pm (4h)

Misty Acres

Debbie Jones, Karen Priemer, Shannon Vitale