Healing Sessions for Pets

Comfort for Your Pet. Peace of Mind for You.®

Healing Sessions for Pets

The first question I ask your pet during my healing sessions is: What can I do to help you?

From this place, I allow your pet to lead the session to guide the healing process. As I work with your pet, I will present them with a gentle flow of healing energy to help them facilitate the natural healing process for any physical or emotional concern your pet presents.

During our session, I will leave time for you to ask questions or if there are any issues that you thought your animal would bring up but did not. Many times our main concern is not their main concern. I do ask that if you have a serious concern for your pet (illness, injury, or emotional distress) please share that in your intake form.

Animals tend to ‘hide’ serious concerns because they know it is causing you distress. I want to make the very most of our time together, and knowing these concerns up front help to facilitate a very effective healing session.

When healing sessions are helpful:

Pets in the family are not getting along with one another or a pet is exhibiting undesirable behaviors
Pets are recovery from physical injury, surgery or illness
Grief or sadness over the loss of a pet or family member
Pets need help managing stress or anxiety
Assisting pets who have been recently adopted successfully blend with their new forever homes
Increase energy levels for mature pets

Lost Pets

If you are looking for support for a lost pet, please contact my dear friends Melissa and Kelly at ‘The Compass Life‘.

What to expect during the session

Once the session is scheduled, I will contact you for a picture(s) of all your pets and confirm your area of focus for our time together. I will initiate a call to you at the designated date and time of our session.

During our session, I will share all of the information your pet is sharing with me while gently providing a flow of healing energy assist your pets natural healing abilities to bring harmony and comfort to them.

All of my Healing Sessions are conducted remotely. I have found that in my many years of working with animals, remote/phone healing sessions are equally, if not more effective than in person healing sessions. The reason for this is that for most pets, car travel as well as being in a new place is a very stressful experience which places the pet in an energetic place of ‘caution’. When your pet is in the comfort of their own home, they are in a place of ‘receiving’.

If you have any reservations about the effectiveness of remote sessions, please feel free to give me a call and we can talk through your concerns.

How long will it take to see results?

Recipients typically notice an improvement after just one session (this is true for people and pets), however the effects of energy healing are cumulative. Most issues are best served by multiple sessions depending on the length of time an issue has presented itself or the severity of the issue. Multiple sessions provide a solid foundation of well-being and promotes long-term results.

Care Options

60-Minute Sessions
Individual Session: 90.00
Package of Three Sessions: 240.00 (80.00 per session)
30-Minute Sessions
Individual Session: 55.00 
Package of Three Sessions: 150.00 (50.00 per session) 


My husband and I woke up one Sunday to find our 10 yr old pug Gus could not walk or use his legs. We were panic stricken and immediately took him to the emergency vet. Upon arrival, they took him back to run some tests. I called Debbie and told her what was going on and asked her to please send some healing energy our way. She started working on him right away, and told us she would call us back when she was finished. Meanwhile the vet did some tests, took x-rays, and couldn’t find any reason for Gus’ condition, so we took him home. Debbie called us back and said that Gus had communicated with her that the pain was resonating in his back. She sent healing energy to him and would continue to do so. As the day went on, Gus started trying to get up and by 6pm he was walking! The next morning, we took Gus to our family vet. She looked over all of his test results and did a full examination on Gus. She could not find anything that would have caused him to be paralyzed or for him to rebound so quickly. She said it was nothing short of a miracle that he was back to normal. There is no doubt in my mind that because of Debbie’s healing that Gus is better. She has a beautiful gift and was gracious enough to share it with us and our Gus. Thank you, Debbie for healing Gus and helping us through such a scary situation.

Melissa Lorenzo


Debbie has been giving my 2 cats Reiki and animal communication sessions for a couple of years now. These sessions have helped not only the two cats, but the whole family with a variety of problems and issues that have ranged from relationship problems between the 2 cats, the welcoming of new members to the family, sickness and major surgeries, to even grieving processes derived from the departure of both animal and human members of the family.

This whole experience has positively impacted me and my family so much that I have been certified on both communication and animal Reiki by Debbie herself.

Ma Rosa Cuéllar


Blessings come to us in ways we never think of – that’s Debbie. Debbie helped us through a painful loss. We adopted a very special dog only to find out 10 days later he had lymphosarcoma. Reiki sessions helped Smokey B stay with us 6 months longer than anyone thought he would stay. Pet communication helped us see (maybe not accept) that his path was always to have been short. And in the end, pet communication with Debbie and our beloved pet helped us all in his transition to the Rainbow Bridge. And now at Smokey’s insistence we have opened our hearts to another rescue pup – Lucie (which means bringer of light) who has been helped in working through her past abandonment issues and integrate lovingly into our home.

Joyce Guardado


Debbie has such incredible insight and compassion for our animal friends. My rescue cat went from terrified, anxious, and sad to sweet, loving, and secure in her new home. Thank you.

Becky Maynard


I had some healing work done yesterday by the masterful Debbie Jones from the Ideal Method and I feel the effects so deeply. I didn’t realize how far out of energetic alignment I was! Bliss (my dog) was the primary focus of the session and yet I still received sooo much healing. Can’t recommend Debbie and her methods enough!

Lisa Evert