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Debbie is so informative/professional/knowledgeable. Every time I am in her presence, I come away with volumes of necessary information I need. I am so grateful for her experience!!

Patty Beale


Excellent workshop! Great information. Loads of useful information.

Kathleen Dingfelder


The classes and workshops that I have been fortunate to participate in are fun, very informative, interactive, practical, and you walk away from them feeling energized and able to utilize what you have learned. You can tell she puts so much of herself into all that she does.

Christine V.


Very Interesting and informative. And FUN!

Susan Fischer

Erie, Pennsylvania

The information presented was so easy to understand…so fun, & so unexpected – so FUN to share with each other.

Jana Tucke


I was open to this new experience, but my mind was tense & racing at the beginning of class. But I quickly was relaxed & able to receive information because of the calm & peaceful energy of Debbie.

Angie Mesarchik