Return to Self – Energy Healing Series

This Energy Healing Series includes tools you can use to refresh and rejuvenate your energy. You will learn how to make simple movements that can support, harmonize, and change the way your body respond to stressors. These movements can help strengthen your boundaries and resilience and reestablish a sense of connection with yourself and those around you. When you use these movements to build positive habits in your energy field, you can optimize your natural ability to heal and stay healthy!

This four-week series will be held in the beautiful retreat space and natural setting at Misty Acres, located in Bath. We will also have opportunities to work with the gentle therapeutic horses that reside on the property.

Classes will be limited to a small group to ensure social distancing and a personalized experience.

Each week we will be testing our energies through muscle testing to see what exercises will be the most valuable to strengthen and support our energetic systems.

SOLD OUT – Week One, October 17 – Empower Yourself With a Daily Energy Routine
Learn useful tips to strengthen and rejuvenate your physical and spiritual energy. Building positive habits into your energy field will help to boost your immune system. Clearing mental congestion contributes to more vibrant thinking, confidence, and a sense of calm.

SOLD OUT – Week Two, October 24 – Strengthen Personal Boundaries 
We will dive into the power of the Auric Field, or Aura (our individual, protective spacesuit). When healthy and balanced, the Aura deflects harmful energies that impact your emotional and physical well-being while attracting nourishing energies that support you. Working with the aura is particularly helpful if you ever have the sense of feeling overwhelmed in the presence of others or are highly sensitive to your environment.

Week Three, November 7 – Restore Your Sense of Connection and Belonging
In this class we will explore the energetic system of the Chakras, and how this system helps us to have a sense of connection to ourselves, others, and the environment around us. By balancing the Chakras we have the ability to tap into our creativity, personal identity, love for ourselves and others. Chakra balancing also helps us to express our thoughts and emotions and the way we perceive the world.

Week Four, November 14 – Thriving Among Stress 
Just as there are many types of stress, there are different physical and energetic responses to stress. By taking the first step to identify how our individual bodies are responding to daily stressors, we can begin exploring ways to support our unique energy systems. By practicing specific energy exercises (movements) to promote balance in our bodies, we can reduce the impact of stress and change the way we respond to stressors.

Investment: $70 per class

Registration is Closed for the Remaining Classes

0, November 14, 2020
1:00 pm — 3:00 pm (2h)

Misty Acres

Debbie Jones