Animal Communication and Healing Series

Learn the art of Animal Communication and Healing in one series including hands on working sessions with the remarkable therapeutic horses of Misty Acres.

This unique workshop series offers you the extraordinary opportunity working with the six therapeutic horses of the Misty Acres herd while expanding your natural skills to communicate and present energetic healing energy to animals.

This series is designed for people who are interested in communicating with animals for the purpose of healing.  Practitioners who would like to expand their current healing practice to animals are also encouraged to attend.

Over the course of the three classes, you will learn how to:

Course One

  • Harness the power of intention to extend healing energy
  • Learn how to communicate with animals to strengthen the bond you share and the effectiveness of your healing session
  • Understand how human emotions affect an animal’s state of wellness
  • Engage the Earth and your Heart to multiply your healing intentions
  • Understand the power of neutrality
  • Identify your primary vehicle of communication and expand your five senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, knowing, feeling)
  • Explore the many ways animals communicate

Course Two

  • Expand your senses to be more fluent in receiving information
  • Become familiar the energy systems of the Aura, and Chakras
  • Learn to talk through your healing sessions to increase the flow of information and identify areas that need healing
  • Participate in a guided meditation to meet your Power Animal
  • Learn how to test an animal’s energy to identify the best healing approach

Course Three

  • Explore why it is more effective to include all members of a family (including pets) in group healing sessions
  • Introduction to the energy system of the Meridians and how it supports the Aura and Chakras
  • Discover the science and research behind heart resonance and the energetic field
  • Understand the reasons why people or animals may not be healing
  • Professional aspects of a new business – Pricing (and charging) for your services, time management of appointments, legal components, and ethics


Dates – 11:00am – 5:00pm each day  

Saturday, September 11
Saturday, September 25
Saturday, October 9


The program will be held in the beautifully crafted retreat space above the stables at Misty Acres of Bath, located at 1683 N.Hametown Rd in Bath, Ohio.  This unique space allows the energy of the horses to be felt while you expand your natural ability to send healing and understand the information you are already receiving from the animal world around you.

We will also be taking time in the stables to work directly with the amazing herd.

Registration is Required (no walk-ins)

To ensure a personalized experience in all three of the workshops, class size will be limited to 5 participants.  Preregistration is required to reserve your spot.


Must have an understanding of healing energy or working within the healing arts. Certifications in specific energy modalities (example, Reiki) is not required.

Investment: 849.00


  • Attendance to all three classes
  • Course materials (Including ‘Animal Speak Pocket Guide’, Canine and Equine Meridian Charts)
  • Boxed Lunch from Mustard Seed
  • Hands on working sessions with the horses
  • Invitation to The Ideal Method private Facebook Student Community


On-line Registration is Closed for this series. If you are interested in joining please call Debbie Jones at 216-536-9426

0, September 11, 2021
11:00 am — 5:00 pm (6h)

Misty Acres

Debbie Jones