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Training and Professional Affiliations

Certified Canine Massage Practitioner – Integrated Touch Therapy, 2005
Animal Communication – Animal Expression, Maggie Bunce, 2011 
Reiki Master - Rachel Berry, Stein Hospice, Usui Lineage, 2011
Shamanic Reiki Master – Mary Maynard, Usui Lineage seventh generation, 2013  
Warren Grossman's School of Healing, 2015
Eden Energy Medicine Basics - Ursuline College, 2016
Eden Energy Medicine Year 1 Foundations Classes - Complete January 2018
Eden Energy Medicine Year 2 Certification Program - Complete January 2019

Member - NAWBO - National Association of Woman Business Owners
Member - Reiki Member Association 
Debbie Jones, Owner of The Ideal Method
Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, Reiki Master, Animal Communicator

Balancing life’s commitments such as family, relationships, and careers can be stressful at times. If this stress is not managed it can easily turn into emotional and physical health concerns Fatigue, Headache, Muscle Tension, Change in Appetite, Teeth Grinding, Feeling Dizzy, Chronic or Acute Pain, Lack of Concentration, Change in Sleeping Habits (or difficulty sleeping), Anxiety Experiencing Irritability or Frustration, Feeling Nervous, Lack of Energy.  If you or someone you share your life with is experiencing these symptoms I would like to offer my help through Reiki and other energy modalities. 

I spent 22 years in a corporate environment and understand the stress that is associated with balancing the responsibilities of family life and the pressures of a full time corporate position. I began to see that the stress I was experiencing was having a dramatic impact on my emotional and physical body and that stress was bubbling over and impacting my family (including my animals).   I began to look for alternate ways to relieve the stress outside of traditional medical care and medications.  The introduction of Reiki and other energy modalities was life changing for me. I found a new sense of confidence, balance and peace which soon opened a new career for me as an energy practitioner to help others.  What I love about this work is that improvement is often seen in many areas of your life, not just what you came for.    
Working with Animals
I also have a passion of working with animals and helping them find a relief to the stress that they feel living in our world. This stress can show up as separation anxiety, aggression, fear, sensitive stomachs, nervous habits (the list goes on). Working with people and their animals brings healing to the entire family unit. 

*Reiki and Energy Medicine is not a substitute for medication, therapy or other treatment prescribed by your doctor.

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We do not diagnose illness or disease, nor do we prescribe medications or therapies. 
Our services are not intended to replace the care of your medical professional.
Associate Practitioners at The Ideal Method
Jennifer Cabic, Board Certified Traditional Naturopath

Jennifer Cabic is passionately committed to guiding those who are tired of feeling sick and tired; empowering you to take well being into your own hands. My mission and commitment to you is getting to the root cause of why you are not feeling well, not treat the symptoms. This involves listening to your unique story, performing several assessments, and determining what factors in your life are causing you to feel unwell. Together we will stimulate your body's natural healing capacity. I do this combining natural and non-invasive modalities such as herbs, nutrition, essential oils, galvanic skin response and vascular therapy. We will also work together to address any emotional issues that may be holding you back.  

  • Naturopathic Wellness Consultations
  • BEMER Vascular Therapy
  • ZYTO Balance and iTovi Scanning
  • Symphony of the Cells Essential Oil Application

Jennifer can be reached at ​216-402-4121, [email protected]

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​Kathy Gittner, Integrative Wellness Life Coach

Kathy Gittner is an Integrative Wellness Life Coach and Shamanic Reiki Master whose passion is to guide you on your journey to wellness and empowerment. After living for years with constant stress, health issues, and nearly collapsing from exhaustion, she had a wake-up call and knew something had to change. That something was how she was living her life. The skills she learned to empower her wellness are the ones she uses to help others live a happier and healthier life. 

Training includes:
  • Shamanic Reiki Master- Mary Maynard, Usui Lineage 7th Generation
  •  AAMET Level 2 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping)
  • Integrative Wellness Life Coach - Integrative Wellness Academy
  • Animal Reiki and Communication - Debbie Jones, The Ideal Method
  • Master Life Coach - Andrea Leda, AYL Master Coach Training

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