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Comfort for Your Pet. Peace of Mind for You!®

Due to the nature of The Ideal Method’, we are able to work with animals worldwide
 in addition to offering appointments at our office in Independence, Ohio.
We are here to provide reassurance of how your pet is coping while you are away and to help with the anxiety experienced by both of you when you need to leave for a few days or even for short periods of time (if your pet suffers from separation anxiety).

When you register for the 'While You Are Away' Pet Check-in Service we will connect with your pet telepathically at scheduled intervals to check in on them emotionally and reassure them that they are loved and you will return soon. In addition to communication, we will provide healing Reiki energy to your cat or dog to promote a feeling of security and love so that you can be assured they are not fearful.  

At the close of each session we will send a text message directly to your phone to let you know how your pet is feeling. In most cases, the communication alone is comforting for them.  And for the pets who need extra assurance, remote Reiki healing provides the comfort that they need to be soothed into a relaxed state in your absence.

Daily Check in includes: 
  • One fifteen minute Animal Communication & Healing Session
  • One text message per day 

Sample Text  – “I just checked in with Dakota. She was a little nervous but seemed to be doing much better after our session. I communicated not only your well being but your excitement with your current environment while reassuring her that the two of you would be reunited soon. She did mention that her caregiver is being very kind to. her."

What People Are Saying About This Service:  'Thank you Ideal Method! We went on a 5 day vacation, one that made me nervous because our adopted 3 year old shepherd has only been with us for 5 months and she would be boarded at her vet while we were gone. I enlisted 'The Ideal Method' to check in with her each day to reassure her. They even sent me a text each day to let me know how Lucie was doing. Thank You! Definitely something we would do again.'
When these sessions are helpful:
  • Pets in the family are not getting along with one another or a pet is exhibiting undesirable behaviors
  • Recovery from physical injury or surgery
  • Grief or sadness over the loss of a pet or family member
  • Managing stress or anxiety  
  • Assisting pets successfully blend with their new forever homes
  • Increase energy levels for mature pets 
  • And many others.....   

Recipients typically notice an improvement after just one session (this is true for people and pets), however the effects of energy healing are cumulative. Most issues are best served by a minimum of 3-6 sessions. This provides a solid foundation of well-being and promotes long term results. 

Sessions can be conducted in person or at a distance.  Remote (phone) sessions offer the convenience of staying in the comfort of your own home but receiving all of the same benefits as an in-person session.
Human touch is an essential, healthy part of bonding with your pet.  

Massage comforts your pet just as it does humans and is a wonderful way to ease physical and emotional discomfort and stress.  Massage wonderfully compliments your dog's care at any life stage and for all activity levels especially if your pet is having mobility issues due to age related illnesses or is recovering from an injury or surgery. 

Massage helps reduces pain, increase range of motion, and promotes relaxation to support the natural healing process.Therapeutic massage combined with Reiki gives your dog a comforting visit that reconnects him or her to the Universal Life Energy necessary for natural balance and wellness.
*Canine Massage is available at the Independence location only  (6595 Brecksville Rd, Suite #3, Independence, OH)
 Calm your anxious pet while you are away and give yourself peace of mind.

  • Does your pet show symptoms of anxiety when you pull out a suitcase or reach for your car keys? 
  • Does he/she behave out of character after you return home from a trip?  

  • Do you feel anxious to leave the house because you know that your dog or cat is insecure or nervous when you are away and you fear the damage you may find when you return?

  • Are you wanting deeper information about your pet than what your pet sitter can provide while you are gone?
Energy Healing Session & Animal Communication 
'While You Are Away' Check-in Service 
Animal Massage
Because of the deep bond shared between pets and their people, cats and dogs often reflect the physical and emotional conditions of their human family members (or vice versa). Animals are natural healers and sometimes take on their person’s/family's problems, often in an attempt to help them. For ideal healing, individual sessions for each family member and pet can improve the overall physical and emotional health for everyone involved and produce the most measurable results. 

Animals have a voice, we just need to listen. During this session we will telepathically communicate with your pet to gain an understanding of his current condition (physical, emotional or spiritual).  As we communicate with your pet we will present him with a gentle flow of healing energy to help facilitate the healing process. Because animals understand and use energy to communicate, these sessions have proven to be very effective. 

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us
If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointmentcontact us
Hour Sessions
Package of three sessions 240 (80 per session)
One Time Visit - 90 for one hour
Care Options:
30 Min Sessions
Package three sessions 150 (50 per session)
One Time Visit - 55 for one 30 min session
Hour Sessions
Package of three sessions 240 (80 per session)
One Time Visit - 90 for one hour
30 Min Sessions
Package of three sessions 150 (50 per session)
One Time Visit - 55 for one 30 min session
Care Options:
Check In Service
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