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Want to feel better? Go for a walk in nature!

by Debbie Jones on 08/28/17

Did you know that your environment can increase or reduce your stress? What you are seeing, hearing, experiencing at any moment can change not only your mood, but how your nervous, and immune systems are working.  However, you can reduce your stress just by changing your environment.

Have you ever felt that you just needed some fresh air to clear your head, or needed to feel the warmth of the sun to get rid of those Monday morning blues?  Research has shown that being in nature, or even seeing scenes of nature, not only makes you feel better emotionally but it contributes to your overall wellbeing; it can reduce blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension. This correlation happens because we are constantly in an energy exchange with our environment. Our moods and physical wellbeing is impacted by who and what we are around each day. 

If we are around toxic situations or people, and focus our attention on toxic situations, then our bodies will begin to mimic the stress.  The same is true for being around electronics cell phones, TV, and most importantly computers; these sources drain us of our energy.

However, when in nature our bodies thrive!  Nature is perfection - it is alive, beautiful, calming, healthy, rejuvenating. Nature is in a constant state of growth and repair. When we expose our bodies and our senses to this perfection, then our bodies begin to display beneficial results. In fact, our moods improve, stress is reduced and our blood pressure begins to lower. Although our bodies will automatically begin to mimic the energy of nature, the benefits are super-charged when we focus our attention on what is around us.

For a few minutes today I challenge you to go outside. Take off your shoes and walk in the grass barefoot, lay on the ground, or sit up against a tree.  Focus on the ground beneath your feet or against your back. Feel the earths healing vibration. Even if you have a hard time feeling any difference, know that amazing benefits are happening to you. If you spend a majority of time indoors, bring nature inside. Having a plant in your office or in your workspace can have a positive impact on stress and anxiety.

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