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How to reduce your pets anxiety without medication

by Debbie Jones on 07/23/17

Do you know that pets suffer from anxiety, like humans do? Perhaps you have a pet that suffers from separation anxiety, or is exhibiting signs of stress. You may wonder where the anxiety is coming from, or if there is a way you can reduce it without the use of medications. There are in fact some common sources of your pets stress and also simple techniques that you can do to help your pet feel more balanced and relaxed.

If you have a pet living at home, you know that spending time with them can be comforting to you and be the perfect remedy for a stressful day.  But what if our animals show signs of stress or anxiety? Where is the stress coming from and do we have the same calming effect on them?  Some observable signs that indicate stress in your pets are changes in their eating habits, more irritable behavior or they may start barking, meowing, whining or pacing when you are away from them. What can we do to help them? First, I recommend seeking medical attention from your trusted veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions. Once your pet receives a clean bill of health there are natural ways to help them reduce their stress.

Where does their stress come from? If your pet is like mine, their needs are anticipated and taken care of before they even ask. So why would they feel anxious or stressed?  Well, the short answer is they get it from us! Our animals have an innate ability to read and feel our energy. When we feel calm, happy or excited our animals often reflect our emotional state. Have you noticed that if you get very exciting news your animal shows signs of excitement as well? They may even get a burst of energy or even start barking with delight. Conversely, if you had a bad day, raise your voice or even slam a door in anger you may notice your animal gets nervous or hides. The effects of our emotional state have a far greater impact on our pets if we have prolonged stress. Over time our pets may begin to show signs of that pressure, as well. Unlike us, they can not go to the gym, take a yoga class or spend time talking on the phone with a friend to release the stress they feel.  In many cases, they are not able to get away from the source of the stress which is us.  So what can we do? 

First, take steps to bring yourself into balance. Exercise, eat healthy meals, and release your stress.  When you feel more balanced, your pet will feel more balanced as well.

Second, if you have a pet that enjoys being outside, take them out for a walk, schedule play time. In fact, any form of exercise is wonderful and beneficial. 

       Third, you can give them a massage or energy work like Reiki.

      By focusing on these techniques to reduce your pets stress, you may in turn realize that you are also healing yourself and bringing yourself more in balance. 

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