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Animal Speak

by Debbie Jones on 06/26/14

I am a big believer that if something gets put in your path you should stop to take notice and see if there is a message there for you.  Yesterday,  when I was walking my dogs I looked over and there was a deer just standing there watching us.  I thought maybe we had startled her and she was about ready to scamper off but the look in her eyes said something more.  I stopped (with my two dogs) and we just looked at each other.  I greeted her and told her we meant her no harm. My dogs  seemed to be communicating with her too.  They were not alarmed by her presence and didn't bark (highly unusual for my two).  After a few minutes we continued on our walk.  The deer watched us walk away.   Of course I went home and looked up Deer in my 'Animal Speaks' book and this is the message I am taking away from our encounter. 'Be gentle with yourself, don't be over critical or uncaring toward yourself.  When a deer shows up there is an opportunity to express gentle love that will open new doors to adventure for you.'.  


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